I first held a camera in my hands at the tender age of four years old...It was at that point I had decided on a life as a "cameraman." 36 years later I'm still living the dream. It's the people I meet in a day, that keep me interested in my life passion of photography. Though, I am alone for months at a time shooting my projects, the energy I get from my subjects fill me up and carry me through the day. I'm a storyteller, a voice, a balance of openness and honesty which everyone seemingly picks up on and willingly shares their life with me. Mother’s trust me with taking their baby’s photos, old lady’s open their homes to me and invite me in for tea. I don’t question it too much, rather I believe my destiny is to record our history for history sake, people get that from me and agree by sharing their soul with me and my camera.

Life in a van in Vancouver isn't as bad as you think. On board I have 81 litres of water, a stove, fridge, a comfy bed, two dogs, heck I three cast iron fry pans. Why don't I just get an apartment like everyone else? Good question and I’ve asked myself that same question every other morning as I wake up I yet another strange parking lot somewhere in the city. As a journalist I need to fully understand my subject, which in this case is Vancouver. So for 125 days, I must live, breath and taste Vancouver at every waking moment to be sure I’m capturing its true essence. I’m giving up having a home for my art and passion, I guess you’d say. It this point I’m doing this project on spec, which means no one's paying my way. Well why do it at all then? Well, in the end of all this I will have created an amazing mosaic on Vancouver for its 125th birthday next year. I think that's important and someone needs to do something grand for an important milestone like 125th old. So...if you see my van parked across from your house right now....chances are I’m either wandering around somewhere with my camera, or walking my dogs or uploading photos in the van. So...Please do stop by for tea and a chat!


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